Modern anaesthesia is very safe. In healthy children and adults the risks of anaesthesia are very small. There can, on rare occasions be unexpected minor or major complications. Minor complications may include drowsiness, feeling faint, headache, dry throat, nausea and vomiting or pain and bruising at the site of injection. Uncommon problems include nerve injuries from positioning during surgery, regional anaesthesia or nerve block. Major complications are very rare and can include severe allergic reactions, breathing problems, heart problems, brain damage and even death.

Capped teeth, crowns, loose or damaged teeth are more prone to damage compared to normal teeth during anaesthesia. Please inform your anaesthetist of any caps, crowns or loose teeth prior to surgery.

Your anaesthetist will see you on the day of surgery to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about your or your child’s anaesthesia.

If you have any concerns or queries, please contact your anaesthetist prior to your procedure. Click here to view Our Anaesthetists